Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jesus Our Brother, Strong and Good

The title of this blog is a line from my favorite Christmas song, "The Friendly Beasts." I was talking to Squirt earlier about all of the previously mentioned (refer to my last blog) shit going on in my life right now and I realized that I just needed to relax and listen to the Sufjan Stevens Christmas box set. I can honestly say that nothing cheers me up faster than Christmas music. It fills my heart with. Thanks, Sufjan, for keeping me joyful all year long. Except "Little Drummer Boy," that song sucks ass...Unless it's being sung by Dwight Schrute and Angela. Then I guess it's okay.

Wow, this blog is ridiculous.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The (un)Luckiest

It has been almost ten days since I've blogged. I feel disgusted with myself.

I am so sorry that you have been so supremely neglected, blog. I will do my very best to keep up with you from now on. At least twice a week, that much I can guarantee.

Like I mentioned in my last blog, I have been really really busy. This is still true and it's most of the reason that I haven't blogged in almost ten days. I work basically full time but very odd hours so I never really have time to get stuff done. Oh well, I guess that's what happens to adults. I also haven't let myself stop and relax at all because some crazy shit has been going down and I'm afraid that if I really stop to think about it I might have a wee bit of a breakdown. I feel like I've been putting forth a good effort in the past three or four months to really be more positive and do the things that I should be doing instead of just dicking around. It's frustrating to give life your all and to have things continue to unravel around you. I keep trying roll with the punches and take what I get but it just seems like the punches won't stop coming, and they're getting harder and harder too. I know my problems are way less serious than a lot of things that people have to deal with, but to me they're all a big deal. I think I'm starting to move on, which is good. I just hope my unlucky streak is over for a while. Sometimes it's hard to remember that things happen for a reason.

On a lighter note, I've decided to buy a PS3. Hang out with me now, because hopefully by mid-July I will be too immersed in my games to even leave the house.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Busy Bees

Today at church everyone was supposed to be laying hands on people and praying and while the pastor was praying out loud everyone else was mumbling things like "Yes Jesus" and "Praise you Lord" under their breath. It sounded like a bumblebee hive. This isn't what I planned to write about at all, but writing "Bees" in the title made me think that I should share that story with you.

I meant to write about the fact that I'm really really busy. I basically have Wednesday and every other Saturday off. This Saturday I'm off. Next Saturday I'm not. Get it? I shouldn't complain though because my life has taken a few very big and very significant turns in the past couple of days and in all likelihood I'm going to need a lot of money to be able to afford the next year or so. Stay tuned to find out.

If you need to find me, check at the VanDerWalde's or in the Registration building at Mount Hermon. If I'm not there, just look around for the tired-looking girl with no clean clothes depositing six different paychecks at the bank.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gotta Let It Burn


I got so burned today. Multiple times. There's really nothing I can do about it but swear. If you're lucky I might put up some pictures of the first burning (sunburn) tomorrow when it doesn't hurt so bad to move.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Movies Are Really Heating Up!

Has anyone seen the trailer for the new Angelina Jolie movie? What a shitfest. Nice perm and fake accent, Angelina. Maybe for the next flick you could try some fake acting skills.

Since I only have five friends and four of them are currently incapacitated with work or wisdom teeth, I'm pretty sure only Smurf is reading these. SHOUT OUT!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Let's Talk On AIM Sometime..." Vol. X: AnnE Keller

bestdbspaz: i sneezed all night cause of your house
bestdbspaz: excuse me**you're
Vanessa2you: no dipshit
Vanessa2you: you were right the first time


Mika's right. If you're suckin' too hard on your lollipop, your love's gonna get you down. It's just so true.

In other news, I finally saw "Alpha Dog." My life is now complete.

Vanessa2you: I feel like I need to blog
Vanessa2you: but I don't really have anything to sayyyyyy
bestdbspaz: the valley will do that to you

Sorry guys.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Phone Bill

This is not the blog I meant to write tonight. The blog I meant to write was supposed to be about all the crap I did last week. It included pictures and witty captions. I decided to put off that blog when I began to read the "detail" section of my cell phone bill. How did I go from photo blog to cell phones? I had a bunch of phone pictures I needed to e-mail myself on the internet to put on the blog, which required me to log in to my Verizon account and download them to my computer, etc. After a ten minute ordeal in trying to remember my username, resetting my password, and trying to remember what the last four digits of my mom's social security number was, I remembered that my bill had been unusually high lately. I decided to investigate. I clicked on the section that had the breakdown of every single minute I used and call I made. I scanned the page for reasons behind all the extra charges (about sixteen 411 calls - my bad) and I was quickly lost in a trance of old conversations that occurred during the month of May. I don't know if you've ever read that particular section of a phone bill but it is possibly one of the most intriguining and saddening things I've ever done. Looking back I realized a few things about myself and my phone habits.

#1: I still don't like to talk on the phone. At all. My longest conversation clocked in at twenty-five minutes, and that was due mostly to me being on hold for about 15.

#2: Sort of along the same train of thought as #1, my longest calls (ten minutes or more) are to one of three people; Genevieve, Sarah Balch, and Nate; which is weird because I don't really remember talking to Nate or Sarah for such long lengths of time. I feel like those times might have a lot to do with hold times as well.

#3: It's really interesting and pretty heartbreaking to look back and see who you talked to so often only a month ago. It's crazy that I barely call Meagen or Natasha anymore. I suppose you would get the same feeling reading through someone's comments on The 'Space or The 'Face, but I feel like phone conversations are just so much more personal. It just kind of trips me out to know that I worked up the guts to call someone and talk live and in person over the phone a month ago that I haven't spoken with since then (Natashaaaaa...).

#4: Cell phones are some expensive shit. I still don't really understand what exactly is costing me somewhere around sixty dollars a month, I just know that I need to cut back on the 411 calls.

#5: My memory is pretty amazing. I can look at all of the longer calls and sort of remember what we talked about and where I was or what I was doing while I was on the phone. I impressed myself a little bit.

I guess I really am pretty overwhelmed with seeing all those old numbers on there, especially Nate and Natasha's because we don't really talk anymore and it's crazy to see how often we used to call each other. I can't believe I've been out of school for a month (how do I know? I got my period) and my summer is 1/4 over already. I don't really know how to end this; I guess I'll just have to make it a point to call Natasha tomorrow.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


And the living's easy.

I usually don't check my e-mail until late at night (meaning after 11), usually just before I go to bed. This guarantees that my inbox has had the maximum amount of working hours to accumulate new mail so that I almost always have a lot of new messages when I sign on. Lately I've been kind of disappointed because no one's really been leaving me any comments on the 'Space or the 'Face. Tonight, after getting online only to realize that my inbox was filled with spam and a stupid forward from my dad, I came to understand the beauty of an empty inbox. I see now that my lack of comments from my friends doesn't mean that they care less about talking to me; quite the opposite in fact. It means that I am seeing them so much in REAL LIFE - actual face-to-face quality time spent together - that they don't need to leave me stupid internet messages to keep me up to date. AnnE doesn't need to tell me that she finally found ate a Tacos Moreno burrito today; I was there with her. Cassady doesn't have to send me a picture of her hair in the douchebaggy hipster shoelace/headband she rocked today. I saw it in person and reminded her of how douchey it truly was. Smurfy didn't leave me a comment about her friend Jordan finally being in Mount Hermon, instead I met him in person and we all hung out together at her house and watched a movie. It might be corny - in fact, it's definitely corny, but I don't really care. This is definitely my favorite part of summer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I've Been Listening to the Radio Recently...

En Oh.
Tea Oh.
Are Eye.
You Ess.
You just.
Lay down.

I'm going going.
Back back.
To Cali Cali.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


For the last few nights I have been tuning in to Loveline on the radio at 11:00 PM. I love it. It combines the two things I love most in this world - sexual humor and bodily functions. I am not radio listener, but damn. This is some good stuff. The best is when either the really young kids call in or the really stoned kids call in. If you've never listened to Loveline, you should start.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Cell Phone's Dead

As of this very moment, there are three different cell phones of three separate brands (Motorola, LG, and Samsung) plugged into the wall directly to my right. There is yet another dead cell phone (Motorola) lying in a box on the floor to my left. If you haven't already heard the news, I have been going through some minor cell phone drama lately. About two months ago I accidentally tossed my (Motorola...RIP) phone into the toilet while reaching for a hair-tie, resulting in a devastating loss of many numbers and pictures. LUCKILY, I have cell phone insurance, which delivered a brand new phone of the exact same type (Motorola) to me a few days later. While OPENING THE BOX THE NEW PHONE WAS IN, I fumbled and accidentally tossed the new phone onto the floor, cracking the back plate right below the battery in half. I wasn't too worried, however, as the crack was only cosmetic and didn't affect the phone's performance in any way. Two weeks ago I was in the middle of an important text session with my fabulous roommate Meagen when my phone's screen became a rainbow of pixelation with no discernable pattern. LUCKILY, I happened to be at Sarah Balch's house and she had happened to get a new phone that very day and there just happened to be her old phone lying around with the same service provider as me (Verizon, holla). I immediately had my service switched to her phone (LG) and resumed my text conversation with that. The next day I stopped into the Verizon store to see what they could do about my phone issues. After being forced to harass three different people for help, David Ralston (if you know who he is, you know what that I went through is twelve times worse than it seems) informed me that I needed to go through my insurance company AGAIN for a new phone.
Finally, five days later, my new phone arrived. I switched the service over from the LG to my beautiful new Motorola and immediately received a call from the one and only Sarah Balch. Imagine my dismay when I could not hear her! The new phone they sent me had a defective ear speaker. I once again called the insurance company to get yet another new phone. Apparently, in the four days it took for me to receive my new phone, they stopped making the model of Motorola I had. I was forced to take on a Samsung phone with comparable features, which ended up working out for the best because it's an awesome phone. They express shipped (meaning three days instead of four) the new phone to me, but in the meantime I had to use an embarassing headset to answer all of my calls, forcing me to look like a total tool for the past few days. Today I finally got my new Samsung and it is now charging the required twelve hours necessary before I can activate it. I am also charging the LG in order to retrieve all my contacts and the Motorola with the defective earpiece so that I can still send and receive calls before I activate my Samsung. Next on my list: repair the laptop I am currently using so that I don't have to apply pressure to the left side when I type in order to make the words appear. It should be a good week.

Guilty Blog Part 2

Sorry sorry sorry. I promised you multiple blogs on Oregon festivities and now, three days later, nothing. I'm kind of over the whole installment thing so here's the Reader's Digest version: drove to Eugene, got a room, went to get dinner, dropped the oil cap into the car's chassis, called AAA to fish out the cap, had to get a new (used) oil cap, went to the most AMAZING show ever, came back and went to bed, left at 6:30 AM, got to Medford and ate breakfast with MADELINE!, overheated in South Weed, CA, pulled over at a rest stop in Redding, found out our car was dead and we needed a new alternator, drove 5 miles to Red Bluff, died, found a garage, waited two hours, got back on the road, overheated in Oroville, arrived in San Francisco around 9, got picked up by my mommy, and eventually got home around 10:30, which makes my trip a whopping SIXTEEN HOURS LONG. If you want any more details feel free to ask. Sorry this took so long, I do feel guilty about it, but mama's been busy! Until tomorrow, my friends...