Friday, June 25, 2010


I know what you're thinking, I got super motivated to blog and then I posted like twice and bitched out. NOT SO, faithful readers! A lot has happened since I last posted - here's a brief recap:

May 11 - 24th: work like a madwoman, save hella babies, snuggle hella babies, pack up my shit and head HOME!
May 25 - June 2nd: lovely vacation to see the fam in California, some general malaise but all in all a great trip
June 3rd- June 25th: DYING.

Now when I say dying, I mean I really thought I was going to die.My tonsils were so inflamed and pus-covered that they were almost touching. I couldn't eat, I could barely breathe, and I couldn't sleep because every time I would finally fall asleep I would completely lose my airway, choke, and wake up. The eventual diagnosis after three trips to the doctor and a delightful night in the emergency department: mono, compounded with a resistant type of strep throat that didn't respond to the first TWO rounds of antibiotics. For your viewing pleasure, here's a delightful shot of my tonsils a couple days after I hit the emergency department but a few days short of me finally starting the right drugs. Keep in mind, they were almost touching my uvula and the pus what what the doctor referred to as "mounded" by the time I finally got treated.

So now here I am, one week, four shots of Rocephin in the ass, and one visit from Mommy later, still exhausted and a little nauseous from the mono and ready to rock this blog for the remainder of my bedrest. Get excited people! You're gonna know more about me then you ever wanted!