Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back in a Big Way!!

Okay, so maybe it's time to resurrect this thing - it's kind of hard to follow up a post about the worst day of your life, but here's a good place to start easing back into the blog world...

[21:50] Vanessa2you: yeah there's a total MOMD who's on the bus i ride most wednesdays
[21:50] Vanessa2you: somehow i missed him for the past 3 weeks
[21:50] Vanessa2you: sad
[21:51] QueenRandom87: oh no
[21:51] QueenRandom87: You should find him and make him love you.
[21:51] Vanessa2you: but he's GORGEOUS
[21:51] Vanessa2you: i know im trying
[21:51] Vanessa2you: and he even gets off same stop as me
[21:51] Vanessa2you: and he is chubby and ginger and bearded!
[21:51] Vanessa2you: AND HAD A SKATEBOARD WITH HIM
[21:51] Vanessa2you: !!!!!
[21:51] QueenRandom87: wow
[21:52] Vanessa2you: i ogled him for like two weeks straight
[21:52] Vanessa2you: then week 3 he shows up with the f-ing skateboard
[21:52] QueenRandom87: I think it's fate.
[21:52] Vanessa2you: it was a sign
[21:52] Vanessa2you: from the Lord
[21:52] QueenRandom87: hmm, you should accidentally bump into him or something
[21:52] Vanessa2you: im working on it
[21:52] Vanessa2you: we sit across from each other
[21:52] QueenRandom87: then he'll just be in love with you after you give your suave apology.
[21:53] Vanessa2you: i smile
[21:53] Vanessa2you: my suave apology meaning "oh, huh....sorry."
[21:53] Vanessa2you: "mumble mumble ha mumble stepped on your foot mumble hehe"
[21:53] QueenRandom87: no it would have to be like "Oh, [demure chuckle} so sorry about that" and then add "And I like your skateboard"
[21:54] QueenRandom87: and then maybe pout and wink at him and get off the bus and be mysterious.
[21:54] QueenRandom87: that's the way to do it.
[21:54] Vanessa2you: and flash him my boobies
[21:54] Vanessa2you: with my phone number scrawled across them
[21:54] Vanessa2you: press them up against the bus window
[21:54] Vanessa2you: mysterious, right?
[21:54] QueenRandom87: that was the next part I was going to tell you.

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Ducky said...

My chats with you are never short of inspiring and educational.

Good blog.